How Get More Local Customers To Find Your Business Without Spending A Cent


Consumers are getting more internet savvy now days when searching for a local business. In many cases when a search is done for a business the searcher will include in their search term the geographical area they live in to find that business type closest to them. Now the question is, are you showing up for those results?

Did you know that your business could quite possibly show up on the first page of those Google results and you can be there at no cost to you at all. The way to do it is through a fantastic service that Google provides on Google maps or otherwise known as Google Local Business Centre.

The first thing you need to do is to go here and create an account.You will need to fill out all the information about your business including your real business location and once you have verified this information Google will add your business to their Google Maps results.

The benefits of having a listing for your business here are huge but you need to know how to set this up correctly so that you stand out from your competition. To stand out on Google Maps local business search you complete with as much compelling information about your business as possible so be diligent when creating your business profile. In many cases a great business profile will sway your potential customer into doing business with your even before they look elsewhere.

In your profile include your opening hours. Have good emotionally compelling pictures of your business. You can also include a video of your business. In your business description explain what makes you unique and more valuable then your competitors and why people should do business with you. Have your guarantee there to take the risk away from your prospects and truly make you stand out. Include your available payment methods. Have a link to your website on your profile as well. You can also put a coupon up on this page with a strong call to action.

It’s very important to ask your customers to give your business a review on this page. The more reviews you get will truly make a difference.

Remember that when people search for your business name your business profile can show up so you need it to be complete and a good representation of your business.

If you have not done this for your business you are loosing customers. Do it now! As in today. It will not take you very long and will be the single most valuable thing you can do for your business that does not cost you a thing other than a little time.